Erin Woods
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Erin Woods Community Association Business Plan

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October  2018-2023

Who are we?

Vision: Connecting the people of Erin Woods to create a safe, caring, fun and inclusive community.

Mission:  Erin Woods: Encouraging community participation by providing programs, information and representation.

Values:  Impartial, Respectful, Transparent, Inclusive, Positive, Safe, Caring, Connected, Fun.

Who do we serve:  Residents and Businesses of Erin Woods:  Children, Families, Adults, and Active Seniors.

Other Organizations in our community:  Native Network/Parent Link, Churches, Calgary Housing Corp (CHC), East Calgary Twin Arena Society (ECTAS)

Our Members:  Sports participants, Board members, Renters, Residents of Erin Woods.

Our Partners:  Scouts, Preschool, Local Businesses, Volunteers, City of Calgary, Federation of Calgary Communities.

Our People:  Staff- Hall Manager/Office Administrator, Bar Manager, Bar Staff, Hall Cleaner. 

Current Committees:  Traffic Calming.

Changes in the Community:   Traffic calming strategy; possible future development (Western Steel Site).


Goal:  To connect the residents of Erin Woods through the Community Association to programs, events, and services.  Provide feedback to City of Calgary Planning and Development on issues affecting Erin Woods; advocate to the City of Calgary on behalf of the residents, get more residents involved in community recreation and issues. To increase safety for all through collaboration with Calgary Police Service (CPS), and Bylaw Services.


Strategies:  Increase membership. Recruit from membership and non-member partners (such as Champion Life Centre, Foresters), in creation of committees, for future planning and events in our community.  Raise awareness of what the role of the Community Association is to the residents.  Foster community participation in feedback to the City of Calgary on Planning and Development applications and other City projects.  Continue to work with CPS and Bylaw Services to link concerned citizens with appropriate actions and contacts for a safer and more connected community.


Opportunities:  Increase memberships:  Sell more memberships, create a Membership Director position; create a simple policy / procedure for selling memberships, and have a membership committee.  Have anyone selling memberships know what the membership gets the buyer. Encourage the people you know to buy a membership.   Recruit from membership:  Identify potential volunteers at events and encourage them to join your committee for your event next year.  Encourage attendees to buy a membership.  Identify potential board members and encourage them to come to meetings.  Show we respect peoples’ time to allow them to volunteer/join with in their availability and time constraints. Advertise positions using Website, Newsletter, Facebook, and Community Sign Board at 3-Way Stop.  Talk to the people you meet in the neighbourhood to raise awareness of EWCA.  Participate in providing feedback to the city of Calgary:  Form ad hoc planning committee when needed for Development issues.  Continue to institute channels for 2-way communication on Planning and Developments that effect Erin Woods.  Raise awareness of the legal and social roles of the Community Association.


Our Programs and Services:  Soccer, Scouts, Preschool, Dart League, Adult Slo-pitch, Martial Arts classes, Senior Tea, Hall Rentals, Jelly Bean Dances, Friday family fun nights, Little Free Library, Little Free Pantry, Community Meetings.  Events:  AGM wine and cheese, Neighbour Day, Stampede Breakfast, Community Cleanup, Children’s Christmas Party, Volunteer Appreciation Night.

Opportunities:  Plan for these events on a yearly basis.  Create committees for these programs and events. Partner with the City of Calgary/other organizations to bring special events into the community.

Our Finances:  Current practices (Revenue) AGLC Bingos and Casinos, Rentals, Grants, breaking even on sports  programs.   Other:  Auditing in place and a Book keeper in place.                                       

Opportunities:  Increase application/use of grants.  Get more sponsorships and donations.  Include a donation jar at events.  Annually review our contracts for services to ensure we are getting the best rate and service for our needs.   Create a 2 or 3 year budget and revise annually & review quarterly.

Communication:  Current practices:  Internal: email, monthly meetings.  External: website, newsletter (quarterly), 3 way sign, Social Media (Facebook), Volunteer email list.